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The Kitchen – Centre of social Life


The kitchen is the core piece of an apartment. Here people get together for cooking, eating or having the chats. If a kitchen is nice and cozy, people will always prefer spending time in it rather than in the sitting room. Kitchen means life!

How to make your Kitchen more cozy

Of course, a kitchen is a place of functionality. This means, that it should always be equipped in the most efficient way. Kitchen tools, cutlery or plates should always be easy available. But functionality does not necessarily mean cozyness. That being said, you should bring some life into your kitchen. A few herbs or other smaller plants on your window board will already do a lot to the cozy feel of your kitchen. Also add one of your favourite paintings to your kitchen and put it on one of the walls, there, where it looks best. Some curtains in rustic colour tones, such as brown or beige, will add even more warmth and life to your most favourite place.

Create a comfortable Place to eat

A place to eat is incredibly important when it comes to designing and arranging your kitchen. Here you will sit with your loved ones for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or you just randomly meet here to have the chats about how your day way or whatsoever. Table runners or sets will add more cozyness. Also, the good old bowl full of yummy fruit is a must-have in your kitchen indeed. Brown cushions will add the needed comfort.

Take your Guests to the Kitchen

A lot of kitchens do not provide enough space for a comfortable place to eat. Nevertheless every kitchen should at least have one place to sit. Even if it is only a foldable chair – you need a place to sit. By doing so, you will support the communication in your kitchen. Who wants to chat, will sit down and chat. Who has no place to sit, leaves again. That is just the way it is. So you guests can give you company while you are preparing the meal for the night. Cooking will definitely be more fun then!


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