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Scandinavian Interior – The North has good Taste


Simple, natural and classic – that is Scandinavian interior design. Up north designers focus on clear shapes, natural material and bright colours. The result is amazing oases of modern living, which are not only visually exciting but also incredibly functional. Scandinavia knows how to do it!

Less is more

Twirl or elaborate designs you will not see often in Scandinavian interior furnishing. Instead purism is the way to go. By creating linear designs and bright colours furniture can be combined incredibly versatile and put into almost every kind of room design.

Naturalness in great Demand

Nature is a highly necessary aspect in scandinavian interior design. This can be seen specifically in natural material, such as solid timber or organic shapes. Curved chairs or sofa armrests remind one of the beautiful shapes of the numerous Scandinavian lakes. High amounts of leather, cotton and linen come in addition. These are not only renewable resources but also simple and tasteful materials which are elegant and wonderfully simple at the same time.

Colourful Textiles as a Contrast

Scandinavian furnishing is minimalistic but never boring. Highlights in colour are being added to each room by the use of colourful textiles. This can be achieved by using organic shapes and themes. Curtains with floral prints keep up the diversity of the room concept and round out the high standard of northern design aspects.