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Low Carb – How to change your Diet


The low carb diet are without a doubt an amazing opportunity to lose weight. If you switch your recent to a low carb diet to fast though, you will most likely cause damage to your body. A sudden diet change can make you feel unwell, which will then lead to you changing your diet again and falling back into your old daily routine.

Allow your body to change slowly

When cutting carbohydrates (short: carbs) out of your diet fully and way too fast your body will react in a highly negative way. Even if you only reduce the intake of carbs, you will feel how your body reacts to it. The most common symptoms of a fast carbohydrate reduction are headaches, circulatory disorders, fatigue and a lack of performance, irritability and a sudden craving for sweet things. This is because your body still needs the easy available energy of the carbohydrates and will therefore need some time to change. After a while, your body will then switch over to your fat reserves and will burn the fat then instead. By switching over to fat reserves, your body will then set free so called ketone bodies, which will make your body become superacid and will also cause most of your symptoms.

Reduce Carbohydrates slowly

36428695_s-315x420You should think about, which daily ratio of carbs would be good for you. If you would want to keep your carb intake between 60 and 80 grams per day, you should first take a closer look into your normal daily intake. First start with reducing your daily carbohydrate intake by one third. Do this over the first three to four days. Then, reduce again by another third and so on, until you cut the carbs out of your diet completely, or at least most of it. By doing so you will notice that your body adapts better to the new lifestyle and you will experience less symptoms while changing your diet. Finally, after about two weeks, your body should have perfectly adapted your new diet and will start burning fat reserves. It is important that you take in between 25 and 40 grams of pure protein and 20 to 30 grams of fats. Freshly cooked food is recommended. Indeed this leads to a live your life after nutritional information but be brave and stay motivated, because in the end your effort will be amply rewarded by a better look and more fitness.