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Living in small Spaces – Functional Furniture is a Must


Especially bigger cities suffer from a more or less serious lack of housing space. But even on only a few square metres you can make it nice and cozy for yourself. It is important to use the available space in the most useful way and to assemble functional furniture as good as possible. Amazing ideas in functional living create more storage space without narrowing down the actual room itself.

The Sofa Bed – A Classic

Who only has very limited amount of open space should only pick furniture, which is highly functional in different ways. A comfortable sofa bed is the perfect option for chilling out during the day or it serves a good seat when spending time with your friends. At night you can then turn your sofa into a comfortable bed within seconds. A spare bedroom will not be needed then. Your sofa bed can also be a great opportunity for your guests when they stay in yours.

No Space for a Dinner Table

In a lot of urban kitchens there is not much space for the potential use of a dinner table. If the free space in your sitting room is also very limited, you will not have to relinquish on dinner parties. Smart concept tables can be easily converted from a coffee table into a huge dinner table. This is made possible by the adjustable legs or table tops. Just pull them out and push them back together when you are done with dining. To give your guests the chance to sit, you should invest in some foldable chairs, which you can store perfectly.

The invisible Desk

Not everyone has their own office and only very few people would put a bulky desk into their sitting room. As a great alternative you can invest in a foldout desk. These desks can mostly be integrated into your rack and folded out when needed. As soon as you finished your work, just fold the desk back into the rack and it will not disturb your living space anymore. So because of this you can perfectly relax in your sitting room again without having to see your unfinished work lying around in your sitting room.

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