Home Living Less is more – Free Walls are luxurious and work Wonders

Less is more – Free Walls are luxurious and work Wonders


Free walls have an astonishing effect on the feel of a room. Obviously free walls make a room get wider and bigger. Especially in smaller apartments this is a welcome and useful plus. Puristic concepts of living are becoming more and more popular, so why not keep your walls puristic, too?

Add the right Effect with decorative Wallpapers

The more furniture sits in front of a wall, the more unsettled it looks. A fully empty, white wall can look very cold and sterile though. In this type of field it is all about finding the perfect balance between decoration and empty space. At the moment concrete looks are extremely hot and popular. This style in specific reminds us of industrial architecture and fits perfectly into urban apartments with a rustic feel. But you do not even need to strip down your wall until you see naked concrete or bricks – with super realistic photo wallpapers you can achieve the look you desire. Furniture with linear shapes made from wood or metal are the perfect fit to your industrial style.

Decorate free Walls naturally

You have a free wall in your apartment and you do not know, what to do with it? Then why not use it as a oversized canvas! Wallpapers with photo prints of landscapes give your room more wideness and depth. Also a possible lack of windows can be fixed with that. Try it out!

Create your own Art Piece

Free walls are the perfect basis for your art pieces. You do not even need to be incredibly talented to do so.  With differently sized and coloured boxes you can create astonishing looks on your wall. If you want to achieve an oldish look, just do not apply the colour perfectly and leave some differences in opacity.