Home Living Decoration: it is the small Things count

Decoration: it is the small Things count


You feel the want for a change, but you got no time to rearrange your whole apartment? Then why not try out the brand new home accessories!

Create new Styles

Regardless of how your accessories are arranged, whether in terms of colour or special themes, with some new little things you can create an amazing and fresh new feel of living in your home. Curtains, cushions, candles, paintings and photographs will freshen up your home in the most perfect and effective way. Floral textiles and some landscape paintings or photos will create a nice and modern cottage feel to your room. Take the beautiful nature to your home. Lastly, all that is missing for your nice cottage feel is a vase of fresh, wild garden flowers on your coffee table.

Mind the Colours

Colours have a big effect on our feelings. Curtains in beige or brown tones make the room become warmer and cozier. If you decide for white though, your room will look bigger and fresher. Strong colours like purple, red or blue should only be used carefully, because if used too much, they will make your room look narrow and depressing. Use strong colours in combination with basic and more soothing tones to achieve the best possible effect. Same counts for patterns. Use them carefully – but use them!

Put Emphasis on…

38770385_sYou own a very special trinket or you keep thinking about buying this one sculpture you love so much? Then you should go for it, because special accessories are not only setting new trends, they will also add more individuality to your home. Because after all, not everyone wants to live in a home from the catalogue. Fancy and unusual paintings will look amazing with a little bit of soft background lighting. Other pieces you can put in a cabinet to show, also in combination with a little bit of soft light.