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The most popular Travel Destinations


Trendy travel destinations are versatile and provide numerous options for all kinds of travellers. Especially popular are travel destinations which offer the traveller an opportunity to experience a stunning and picturesque nature in one of the most unique places in the world.

A perfect example from the list of the most famous travel destinations worldwide is the Bay of Fundy in Canada. Experience the world‘s largest tidal-gradient and admire nature in all of it‘s beauty. The Bay of Fundy is absolutely fascinating – but go and see yourself!

The difference between high tide and low tide is 21 metres on the highest part. Go and see the Hopewell Rocks when it is low tide, you will definitely enjoy this unique sight and one of the most famous natural landmarks of Canada.

Curacao as an innovative Travel Destination in the Caribbean

Snow white, endless beaches, palm trees and turquoise water are not the only thing, Curacao can be proud of. The city‘s old center is nothing else but beautiful. The houses built in the colonial style are super colourful and nicely renovated. But not only Curacao‘s architecture is colourful and versatile; it‘s people are too!

This stunning city in the Caribbean does not only attract swimmers and city adventurers but also divers! Curacao provides one of the most beautiful and unique reefs in the world. Numerous places around the local coast offer great fun and and underwater world at it‘s best!

Adventure Holiday in a Metropolis

Beirut in Lebanon is an amazing travel destination for adventure travellers and everyone who wants to experience the hustle and bustle of a true megacity. Despite the 15 year long civil war in the past, this stunning city has not lost any of its charm or beauty. Skyscrapers are located right by the sea, which provides an incredibly unique silhouette of the city. Besides the beauty of the city itself it offers lots and lots of shopping options for whatever you desire. French luxurious boutiques, noble galleries and cool beach clubs are only a few of the different options you have in Beirut. In between museums and relicts from the past ancient times you will find lots of modern restaurants and bars and also small shops of all kinds. Art and culture pair in perfect harmony of modern and ancient times.