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More and more Freeletics Supporters – But what exactly is Freeletics?


Freeletics has become one of the hottest trends over the last one to two years and if you are only the tiniest bit into sports and workout, you might have heard about the so called “Free Athletes” – the Freeletics supporters. But what is it all about and what makes this newish trend so special and unique? Is it for you?

Power, Dynamics and Athletics

14157978_s-280x420Freeletics is not trying to reinvent the wheel but rather mixes movement patterns and workouts from the already existing Calisthenics and HIIT, the High Intensity Interval Training. Freeletics‘ average workouts are mostly not longer than an hour, there is also shorter workout programs which only take a few minutes. These special workout programs aim to strengthen as many muscles in one go as possible. Because of this, Freeletics in incredibly efficient. Furthermore, Freeletics only needs one‘s own body weight. Special devices or tools are not required for a successful workout in this special field of training. All you need is a wall for example. So when you travel a lot for example, this workout program might be perfect for you! Also Freeletics provides a progressive resistance, because the repetitions of each workout are always a given. Progression can be seen and felt by the time you need to finish the workout. If you take less time for it, you progressed. With this you become perfectly motivated for pushing further and achieving your own personal goals. For not losing track on how your stand and your progression is, there is an app. In bigger German cities there is also regular meetings of lots of Free Athletes who push each other to their limit. And because Freeletics workout sessions do not take a long time, they are just perfect for your free time after work.

Quick Results and total Commitment

Freeletics offers a great and effective workout on the fast lane and the perfect way to go for building up muscles quickly. Although Freeletics wants to be super beginner friendly, it is still recommended to have at least a little bit of workout experience; especially when you want to do Burpees or Hand Stand Push Ups without supervision.