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Listen to your Body! – How much Workout during the Week is good?


How much workout your body needs, where the overload starts and when you should push further depends on multiple factors. But when you listen to your body and consider certain tips, you are on the best way to a perfect sporty week.

Muscles need Regeneration

Back in the day the famous saying “The more the merrier!” was the way to go when it came to sports and workout. In this day and age we know that each and every body is unique and needs a good phase of regeneration. Otherwise your body will become superacid and this will cause more harm the progress and tiny fissures in your muscles which need quite a long time to heal. Bigger and well trained muscled need shorter regeneration phases, so if you go running every single day during the week, your legs will eventually learn how to handle the stress and start developing day by day. When it comes to running though, you should work on developing a good variety of different workout methods. This means that in between two phases of slow paced running you should put a sprinting section to train your muscles in different fields to provide perfect progress. Although this way causes more intense and exhausting workout sessions, you save on efficient workout time. Also short workouts such as the High Intensity Interval Training are made for being carried out every or at least every second day. This kind of workout is only 15 minutes long but brings your body to its breaking point. In general one must find the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Regular workout sessions prevents injuries muscle wastage at a higher age and issues with your joints. Beginners should definitely plan on 2-3 sessions each week, which also contains to necessary breaks for regeneration. Although daily workout is not a problem for most people, you should surely listen to your body when it starts warning you. A safe warning signal for overloading your muscles is aching muscles and stiffness. At first you should definitely cure aching muscles before you start your workout again. Other muscle groups you can for sure train though.

Life is a Marathon

15473910_sAs long as you feel good during your workout, you are doing well. Regeneration with a generally healthy lifestyle, enough sleep and some good rest for your sore muscles are the most important factors for a successful muscle growth and good stamina. If you also vary your workout methods and you make a plan on when what to gain, you will become a true expert on growing muscles and endurance.