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Knee Problems? – No more troubles with your Knee!


The knee belongs to the most important body parts we have. If there is any issues with it, we feel it right away. Wrong positioning of the feet, weight bearing or more serious sports injuries make our life harder. But there are great workout programs which help you fix your knee problems.

Bend it – Workout for your Knees

37262695_sThe classic knee bends (or squats), are known to be a threat to your knee health, because if you do them wrong, you could suffer from serious injuries. If you do them without any kind of supervision – unless you are an experienced sports person – knee bends can get serious! So take care and be patient.

But a correctly done knee bend can be the perfect workout for you and prevents sore knees and muscles from walking to many stairs. Put your feet in a perfectly parallel position. With this you will be standing just they way we want it – your knees will not bend or overturn when you go up and down while doing your knee bends. Additionally you can use a flexible rubber band and put it around your thighs, just above the knees to increase the force you need to put into your bends. It will also give you more stability. Also the sidestep (or lunge) is an amazingly effective way to train your knees. Here you also have to make sure that your feet are perfectly parallel to each other and that you will not overturn your knees while doing a sidestep pattern.

If you add dumb bells or other kinds of weights you can increase the workout progress. You can vary where you want the force to be the strongest on your knees. Cycling is also a great and efficient way to increase your knee resilience, for example after a cruciate rupture – but be careful! Indeed you give your knee some good rest but also relieve pressure from your joints. Regular pressure on your joints increases their regeneration process. Running is the perfect thing to do for you, if you really want to strengthen your knee muscles and joints. Run on soft ground, so your legs will have to do some work on balancing out your movement, which also strengthens your joints.

Soft Force strengthens your Joints

A well developed muscular system and a well dosed force brings your joints to great form, especially after a long lasting and nerve wrecking injury.

A good pair of shoes and some inlay soles for rectifying a bad foot position makes your joints become perfectly healthy. It also prevents your knees from future injuries and pain in your joints when getting older.