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Holiday in the Green – More and more People seeking Contact with Nature


More and more people live in big cities or at least suburban areas with very limited access to nature. Unsurprisingly numbers of people who want to spend their holidays in the nature is increasing rapidly. A vacation in the green is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and for relaxing from the stress of the daily routine in the city.

Endless white Landscapes

The more untouched your travel destination is, the more intensive your nature experience is. There is hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of untouched landscape in Lapland, a stunning area in Finland. Especially in winter this place provides an incredibly calm and soothing mood. Who always wanted to experience the Northern Lights up high in the silence of the snowy region of Lapland simply has to come here and see it. There are numerous rustic cabins and lodges which are all equipped with cast iron ovens, all fueled with wood from the local supplier. Therefore you will feel super warm and cozy here, despite the cold of the snowy Finnish countryside. Fresh water must be taken from a well in the woods and if you want to go and see places you can only take the dog sledge, pulled by a couple of Huskies.

Sunny Holidays on Hawaii

Who wants to spend their holidays rather in the warm than in the cold, should go to Hawaii. Get a good tan in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This gigantic island spoils every tourist with its stunning landscape. Hawaii has an active volcano and offers great fun with water sports such as diving, swimming or water skiing. While diving through the gorgeous reefs along Hawaii‘s coastline you can experience the unique underwater landscape up close and relax perfectly. Also nice accommodation in the green is not hard to find when you are on Hawaii. Cozy cottages and huge terraces make sure that you will have a stay you will never forget.

Hiking in Germany

Why going far away when it is nice here too! Basically, Germany is densely populated but still we have numerous of beautiful places for relaxation and escaping the daily stress of living in a big city. The distinct infrastructure of hiking trails provide lots of different hiking options for everyone. The so called “Märkische Schweiz” is a perfect example of Germany‘s stunning nature. Walk through breathtaking canyons and swim in the crystal clear water of a picturesque lake.

Camping – Minimalism close to Nature

Camping was proscribed as a cheap holiday for a long time. But now we see that the former trend is coming back rapidly, because after all, there is no better way of getting out of the city and into the wild than with a caravan and a tent. Whether you prefer beaches, forests or a nice lake – camping makes anything possible! Especially Scandinavia is incredibly good for camping, simply because here you can go camping wherever you want. So wild camping is totally allowed! Is that not great!? With camping you can not only escape the stress of the city but also find to yourself and become one with nature. Also you learn how to focus on what is important. Find your own wood for cooking food. It is the simplicity and the puristic feel that makes camping so special and nice.

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