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What is the general Reaction to the new Apple Music?


Apple´s strategists for company and product relations want to revolutionize the world again by bringing Apple Music out to mainstream. Looking back at the last four weeks, Apple´s new music streaming service seems to be a serious competitor for the already established services and a great platform for people who really love music.

Apple offers about 30 million Songs

With a capacity of about 30 million different songs, Apple Music´s only and real competitor is Spotify. While smaller and not well known bands and solo artists are still waiting for their appearance on Apple Music the mainstream music industry is perfectly represented. Considering the huge variety of different genres, artists and songs, one can not only speculate but assume that Apple Music will become the next big thing in terms of online streaming services.

Focus on User Friendliness

Apple´s developers´ focus especially lies on the good and easy usability of the streaming service. Each artist, band or song is supposed to be found super easily and without any problems. Even without an existent internet connection one can download songs of Apple Music. Another interesting fact is that Apple Music is also available for Windows users. With this huge flexibility the new music streaming service attracts a massive spectrum of potential users. Whether Apple Music will revolutionize the music market or not remains to be seen.