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The Fear of Flying – You should leave at home!


Who wants to experience an amazing and trendy vacation should definitely leave a fear of flying at home. In fact flying to travel destinations all around the world are getting cheaper and cheaper these days and because of this, flying is getting more and more popular. The dropping prices of jet fuel make flights more affordable and therefore it is absolutely no problem for anyone to travel to the other side of the world.

If you do not want to travel far from home, you can of course also spend your holidays in your homeland and discover your own environment and see places you have never been to before.

Long-Distance Journeys are super popular


An unforgettable travel destination is the Chinese metropolis Chongqing. The pulsating mega city is no longer only known to be the city of the automobile industry and turned itself into a super attractive travel destination, that will fulfill everyone‘s dreams in a heartbeat. Amazing restaurants, huge shopping malls and a futuristic architecture provide everything that is necessary to experience amazing holidays and moments that will not be forgotten.

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