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Spend the Night on a Treetop? – Holidays in a Treehouse


Your holiday is the perfect time during the year to get out of your daily routine and to experience something new. Most people are attracted by nature. The reason for that is quite simple: where could one relax better than far away from civilization? There are numerous exciting possible options for accommodation. A true highlight is treehouse hotels or small and cute cabins up high on the tree crown. So these old and typical dreams from your childhood will come true! In between branches leaves we feel incredibly comfortable. Fresh air and a nice view are included.

Treehouses in Germany

Who dreams of holidays up high on a treetop does not even have to travel far from home. Germany has numerous cozy tree hotels, too! Some of them are super modern and futuristic – some are puristic and quaint. Robin‘s Nest is a brand new treehouse resort in the province of Hessen in Germany. Here the visitor can choose between five different treehouses which are all super unique. Within the whole lot of different treehouses there is a fascinating treehouse sphere which seems to float between all the branches and leaves like a huge green ball. Who wishes a little less luxurious feeling will feel super comfortable in the so called “Stem House”. The stem of the main tree is going centered through the living area so the visitor will get a very unique and natural feeling during the whole stay.

Luxurious Treehouse with a Connection to Amusement Park

Center Parcs Bispinger Heide in Lower Saxony, Germany offers its guests the opportunity to to stay in a treehouse including an amazing roof garden. Because of the connection to the Center Parc this option is especially interesting for families. Only a stone‘s throw away is the spa area of the park and an amazing poolside that is definitely worth visiting. Furthermore there is entertaining kids programs and lots of entertainment for adults at night. To get from top to bottom quickly there is a slide for everyone. For true adventurers who do not want to resign entertainment this option is perfect.

Royal Treetop Palaces

Today staying in a treehouse does not mean to resign a luxurious feel. The best example for this is is the Châteaux dans les arbres, which is located in the southwest of France. Altogether four wooden palaces with exclusive interior designs are choosable for each guest. Each one of the luxurious treehouses is equipped with an amazing terrace that does not only provide a stunning view but also has a whirlpool for its guests!

Quirky Treehouses in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most pristine countries on earth. The numerous forests are perfectly made for treehouses. The Treehotel is a super popular address for alternative tourists all around the world. The architects purposely averted the traditional structure of old fashioned treehouses and to show exciting and refreshing interpretations. The so called Mirrorcube is a square and mirrored cubical house whereas the UFO – the names says it – looks like a UFO shaped object. Despite the quirky motives of the treehouses they perfectly fit in the picturesque landscape.

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