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Selfmade – Be your own Fashion Designer


Selfmade stuff is super hot and trendy at the moment! This counts for fashion stuff, too. To create homemade designs, to proof individualism and to experience the whole creative process – more and more people want to live DIY-life, so they dig out the sewing machine, the crochet needles or knitting utilities and start designing their own clothes. For everyone who simply has not the time to be creative himself, there is a lot of ways to find nice pieces of selfmade designers, i.e. on Dawanda.de.

28667980_mkleinHow to become a Fashion Designer

Those who want to start being creative have a lot of different options to do so. With a simple sewing machine and some decorative fabrics one can create real masterpieces. One does not even need to be very experienced. Simple skirts and dresses can already be tailored after a short learning curve. Also super popular is selfmade accessories. Hats, beanies, scarves and gloves make your outfit become more individual and personal, especially when each piece is fully or at least partly homemade. Beginners should start with something easy, maybe with a nice and simple scarf. If you want to get better in designing your own clothing, take the next step and try and pimp your basic t-shirts, jackets or dresses with nice applications. Rivets, blossoms or selfmade drawings pull the attention towards you.

Where to buy selfmade Fashion

Dawanda.de is one of the most popular online marketplaces for crafty people and those who want to spend their money on something unique. Here you can find individual pieces which surely no one else can call their own. Besides casual free time fashion there is also tons of elaborate dresses and fashionable handbags.