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Exclusive Travel Destinations – The three most wicked Destinations


Not everybody wants to enjoy their holidays on the beach. If you are open to new impressions and you like to spend time in one of the most wicked places on earth, the following travel destinations are perfect for you. All you need is some strong nerves and the love of adventure. Amazing holidays will be guaranteed!

The Huashan in China

This exclusive travel destination is only for those who are not afraid of heights. The Huashan is part of the five holy mountains in China and can be climbed through a more or less developed trail. Over narrow boards and steep ladders tourists can climb up this fascinating mountain to reach its peak and see what is going on up there. One does not need to be super experienced in the field of rock climbing. However one must be very brave! At the steep parts of the trail you must walk over a not more than 30 centimetres wide board to make it to the finish line. An iron chain enables the climber to hold on tight to not fall down the steep cliffs. In the past it was the Chinese monks who climbed up all the way to the mountain‘s top. This special trail was only built for them. Nowadays, everyone who enjoy the thrill of heights is welcome to make it to the top. Do not worry though, you will be perfectly safe while climbing to the top. Every climber will be connected to safety belts to ensure a secure feeling. So even if you slip – you will not fall to your death. Once you made it to the top, a seriously breathtaking view over the picturesque landscape of China will make you forget the nerve wrecking climb.

The Ice Hotel of Jukkasjärvi

eisIce and snow can be full of pitfalls, nevertheless you cannot deny its beauty! When light breaks into its components while shining through the ice and everything starts shimmering, it feels like you are part of a fairytale world. Swedish artists took advantage of this circumstance in the 1990s and decided to build the first ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi. This magical place is only a few kilometres away from the Arctic Circle. This provides a lot of free to use material in winter! But after every winter comes a new spring, so the ice will go. This also creates another interesting fact. Each and every year the hotel will be build up by different artists and so looks different each winter. No year is like the other, same counts for the hotel itself. A stay in this hotel will always be a unique experience and a sight to behold.

Bathing in the Devil‘s Pool

If you do not enjoy being surrounded by ice and snow you should go and take a bath in the Devil‘s Pool in Africa. This small rock pool lies right next to the abyss of the world famous Victoria Falls, where water falls into the soundless pool below the falls. Who loves his life should definitely uphold the safety instructions. A riskless bathing session is possible between September and December. Within this time frame the waters are especially shallow. This natural and infinite rock pool does not only deliver a cooling effect on a hot day, it also provides an incomparable panorama including the roaring swish of the African waters in the background.

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