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Entertainment – Beamer vs. Flat Screen TV


If you want to experience a cinema feeling at home on your sofa, then sooner or later you will have to face the question whether you want to invest in a beamer or in a flat screen TV. For big rooms with plenty of space beamers can be the perfect choice for your needs. Especially when there is a lot of free space on the wall, a beamer will definitely make you happy. However you should consider other important factors such as the image quality of either beamer or flat screen.

Beamer of Flat Screen TV? Important Facts for your Decision

In a sun-drenched room you will not enjoy to watch your most favourite movies and series by using a beamer. Only in darker rooms a beamer can unfold its positive features. However, spending money on blinds and curtains are not the only additional expenses you need to take into consideration. While a big flat screen tv already comes with built in speakers, beamers additionally must be connected with an external sound system which – of course – must be bought at first. This adds another not too small amount of money to the purchasing list. Also, technically, a flat screen TV is better equipped than a beamer and ensures to deliver good quality images and to meet the user’s requirements.


Flat Screen TVs more convincing in important Categories

The real cinema feeling coming from a beamer itself convinces a true movie fan, whereas a flat screen tv does not really show to advantage in this special field. In terms of price and performance a good flat screen tv is definitely more favourable than a beamer. Because of its crisp image and the good sound quality a flat screen tv also enacts of a wifi internet connection. So streaming series and movies of video on demand services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video comes in very handy while using a flat screen TV. The fairly new field of 3D movies is achievable with both devices, either beamer or flat screen TV. Honestly said, here the flat screen tv is also leading the race because mostly every single tv gets shipped with ready to use 3D glasses. Therefore flat screen TVs win the race for the gold medal in the field of overall pricing and performance.

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