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Drones on the Rise – Tiny Wonders with a huge Field of Application


In the non-militarian area drones are up and coming and on their way to conquer the world of hobby filmers and professional cinematography. Besides a drone´s movie making purpose it is also used for things like land surveying and so on. For this the tiny flying object is equipped with high definition cameras, which shoot videos in an insanely good quality. One must distinguish between different construction forms. The most common drones are tricopters or quadrocopters. Both versions are very easy to fly and are also being used in sports areas, i.e. drone racing – a fascinating young sport!

Possible Applications for Drones

If a drone is equipped with a camera, it can for sure be used for shooting videos up high in the air, regardless of the reason behind it: land surveying or cinematography – the choice is yours. Also, the police is currently testing the use of drones in investigations for throwing light on things.

Drones for Science and Research

23745477_sDrones are now more and more used successfully for in archaeology. The tiny flying objects are doing a great job in mapping areas and deliver fast and good results for researchers and scientists to work with. Also the field of space and atmosphere exploration is hugely profiting from the drones´ amazing properties. They collect big amounts of data on each flight, which can then be evaluated in real time. Because drones are merely flying objects, they can be equipped with numerous tools, such as different kinds of sensors, which measure temperatures or the air pressure of the studied area perfectly.

The legal Basis

While using a drone one must always consider not to harass an individual´s privacy. Because of this important and general question mass media took place in the field of drones and discussed the interesting topic generously. One of the more specified questions was, if it would be okay for employers to use drones for looking into an employee´s private life, simply to see, if the employee is ill as claimed or if he or she is lying only not to go to work. Therefore drones should be equipped with tiny cameras, that could take a look into the employee´s house or apartment. Thankfully this kind of investigation is officially not permissible and strongly prohibited to ensure the employee´s privacy.