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Ladies Underwear – Combining Colours is hot


The innocent white which decorates a lot of slips and shirts surely is very appropriate in certain situations, but is it not way more fun to dig deep in the colour chest and combine things with each other? Be brave and try it out! If you take a deeper look into the amount of options in ladies underwear, you will notice that there are a lot of colourful solutions for each one of us. Not only that there is plenty of versions in seductive colours like dark red and black, there are also colours like turquoise or jazzy orange tones that jump right onto our faces while we walk through the underwear sections of our favorite shops. Everything is so nice and colourful there! And to up the ante we now mix all different kinds of colours.

Underwear should be anything but plain

Anyone can do monotone, and in relation to the underwear for you upper body, especially since montone is appropriate for business outfits. Because of this, it is a lot of fun to squeeze that colour tube massively when you do not have to worry about business occasions. A yellow slip combined with a pink bra: welcome to the caribean! An outfit like this makes your day, even if it is a rainy day.

Combining Dots and Stripes – Why not?

And while you are saying goodbye to the conventional “everything-must-fit-look” you could also expand your pallete and combine patterns with each other.