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Black and White – Stripes and Patterns in Black and White


The black and white trend seems to be unstoppable. Despite the limitation to only these two basic colours you still have lots of different options on how to work with it. From classic stripes over houndstooth patterns to ethnic patterns everything is possible.

Classic Patterns

If you like a good classic look, stripes and chequers are the perfect choice for you. Clear lines and timeless colours are the essentials for versatile combinable basics. These patterns decorate t-shirts, blazers, dresses and even leggings perfectly and provide an amazing look which is rich in contrast. Black and white handbags also add stunning accents to your look.

Vintage Patterns provide Variety

19241174_sReal retro charm will be added to your look with the well know and still super popular houndstooth pattern. Back in the day this pattern was mostly used for wool jackets and wide and long coats. In this day and age it is also added to light dresses and airy tops. Neat polka dots bring up memories about the old times. These patterns work especially well with vintage dresses and feminine blouses.

Ethnic Inspiration in Black and White

The super hot ethnic look uses traditional patterns from all parts of the world. Despite the fact that it is mostly seen in brownish and earthy tones, you can also use this pattern perfectly for black and white outfits. Wide oversize cardigans and wool pullovers become beautiful eye catchers with this stunning style.